UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera

UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera, LED Bulb Home Security System White (D)

Scenic network cordless camera is a particular device and has a LED Bulb home security system for home or the office. The specific video camera is an ideal choice when it comes to the quality of the image or the video.
The cam has a wonderful broad angle view with 360-Degree panoramic view angle and a 1/3″ fisheye Lens. There is no blind area and you can quickly see the total location in magnificent HD video quality during the daytime and with Night Vision during the night. The videos can be played at 960P HD Video format of a 1280 × 1024( 1.3 MP) Resolution and a real colour by H. 264 compression format. The Night vision as much as 16-feet which let you exist in the minute whether its day or night. The exposure is almost up to 16 feet in total darkness. There is a two-way built in audio which lets you communicate with your family, buddies and your loving family pets from just your cellular phone mobile gadgets.
The technical features of the item are:
Resolution: 1280X920P (1.3 MP).
Power supply: AC100-240V.
Power port: E27/E26 port.
Built-in Lens: 1.44 mm, 360 ° fisheye lens.
viewing angle: 360 °.
Audio: Two-way intercom.
Sensing Unit: SONY CMOS IMX238LQJ.
Operating temperature level: -5 -40 ℃.
Video frame rate: Maximum 25 frame.
Lens: PUWELL fisheye lens L013F1222MP3IR.
Audio input and output: Input: Integrated microphone; output: integrated speaker.
IR: By photo resistor sensor switch, LED lights night vision 10 meters, (optional IR-CUT automatic changing).
Regional storage: TF card, minimum support 8G, optimal support 128G.
Alarm action: Mobile customer push Screenshots.
Connection requirement: Wi-Fi/ Showmo Cloud Account/Support IOS 8.0 or Android 4.0 above phone or tablet.
Why this UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye panoramic network wireless electronic camera?
The device can records video when there any sort of motions spotted. the videos can be seen remotely from any Smartphones, and at present not numerous of the platforms can be linked. The amazing Movement Sensor of the Multi-zoned has an adjustable level of sensitivity. If there is any motion found, it will right away Alerts via push alerts in the app (IOS and Android) to keep you notified. There is an innovative H. 264 technology which uses a very little of bandwidth and storage supplies with real-time video and has an audio streaming feature. There is a simple and easy wi-fi setup which lets you get connected with no hassle. The Quick Wi-Fi setup can be connected via iOS or Android Smart device utilizing a particular Application. The product reveals remote access to the camera on your Smartphone through mobile 4g network or Wi-Fi. The innovative video recording can record, shop and evaluation footage with a microSD card and now it is easy to manage the videos directly from your mobile phone.

Final Decision:.
With this item you can just scan, link and view whatever from the distance. You can view at your video camera online in no time. The video camera runs efficiently and a best product to be used for home security with no doubt.