Possessed Pre-Workout Formula

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Possessed Pre-Workout Formula
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What The Manufacturers Say :

Possessed Pre-Workout Formula

Possessed contains 7 incredibly effective ingredients that will significantly increase your strength and endurance in the gym. The boost in power and mental clarity will allow you to push harder and perform at a much better level. Further, those key ingredients will give you insane muscle pumps that will provide better flow of nutrients to the working muscles.

  • Significant increase in endurance and training intensity
  • Amazing muscle pumps & boosted N.O. levels
  • Great increase in strength
  • Awesome Apple Kick flavour

What’s in the Possessed Pre-Workout Formula?

Here’s the list of active ingredients and explanation of how each one will enable you to smash your workout:

  • Beta-Alanine – A strong performance enhancing amino acid that works by reducing the onset of fatigue, enabling you to work harder for longer.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – Research proven to increase exercise performance by enhancing strength, speed and power.
  • L-Arginine Alpha-Ketogluterate – Increases the bioavailability of NO which improves vasodilation and oxygen utilisation and efficiency.
  • Citrulline Malate – The amino acid that fights fatigue and produces big muscle pumps during a workout.
  • Caffeine – Improve mental focus and cognitive function, whilst also delaying the onset of fatigue and thus enabling a higher work rate.
  • Olive Leaf Extract – Powerful antioxidant that will aid the removal of harmful toxins that build up during exercise, known as free radicals.
  • Maltodextrin – Rapidly absorbed source of energy to fuel your workout from beginning through to the last rep.

 Ben’s review of this product

Possessed Pre-Workout Formula
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Taste/Mixability/Dosing (9/10)

The taste of this product is great! The Apple Kick flavour is different than the usual flavours available from most Pre-Workouts. Sweet but not sickly, and a nice green colour to match when it’s mixed. I mixed 1 serving with with 350ml of water and it mixes very well with just a few shakes in shaker bottle. This is down to the very fine and soft powder like texture, no lumps or grit.

Effectiveness (8/10)
This is what we all care about! This is where is really lived up to its name. I absolutely love what one serving of this will do! I got some great clean energy throughout my entire workout, roughly 300mg of caffeine is just right (1 serving). The pumps are pretty decent as well. The full dose of creatine is awesome and it makes it really easy not to have to add any creatine to your pre-workout (if that’s something you usually do). I have good focus throughout my workouts and can last 2 hours in the weight room easy and the pumps are fantastic! If it be cardio or weights, it can really push you past that plateau. Beta-alanine comes in at 3g which is enough for most to get that skin tingling feeling. All in, all this performs above your normal pre-workout and I would continue using it for sure!

Side Effects
I haven’t experienced any side effects while taking this apart from the prolonged caffeine effect that lasted 2-3 hours after my workout.

I strongly recommend this Pre-Workout. From the small dosage and huge effectiveness that you can get from this product, and with full amounts of creatine and stimulants, along with great endurance, decent pumps and great taste…this has quickly jumped to one of the most aggressive pre-workouts!

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