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I am sure you have seen the recent news Headlines about review websites such as:

Fake Reviews“Shoppers ‘duped’ by millions of fake online reviews”

Half of the the population use online review websites such as Amazon, Tripadvisor, Expedia and Checkatrade – but can you trust everything you read? Read Article

“Fake reviews plague consumer websites”

Guardian Money investigation has uncovered fake reviewing on an almost industrial scale, with companies paying offshore contractors to post numerous glowing accounts of their activities, yet maintaining they are from unbiased consumers.

Read Article


I and my family like millions of other families in these modern internet times rely heavily on review sites to give us an indication as to how good a product or service is before we part with our hard earned cash. So to hear on the news and see in the papers that we are being as they report Scammed / Duped / Misled,  whatever you wish to call it makes me 1. Very angry and  2. Very weary of using believing in the content of review sites in the future.

HOWEVER, we will still use them as we rely on other people’s experiences, that’s what we do !!!

That is why I created this website, I and all my family spend thousands of pounds a year on Services and Products, whether it be the internet providers which allows me to bring you this site, a meal we had in a restaurant, summer holidays, shampoo, phones, lawnmowers, food, pet products, you name it and as a family we have probably bought it at some stage, just like yours, and continue to, and this is the IMPORTANT PART….. IF IT’S A GOOD PRODUCT.

So why would our site be any different ?

1. We only honestly review what we have personally used, and that will be very apparent as you will see our review and rating.

2. We acknowledge that personal opinions differ as a result of individual requirements and expectations.

3. We will allow registered user reviews, as this is very important to get an overall comparison, however we will verify that users have actually used the product or service, can evidence the fact and are readily available to respond to product owners as a result of negative reviews if required.


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